Happy New Year everyone! Full controller support is currently being implemented in The Pocalypse!

You'll be able to use any XInput controllers you wish while playing. This will also include customized controls for any player slot as well as being able to control the menus with controllers.

It should be noted that Player #1 will always have the ability to use the keyboard and mouse as well while playing.

Another thing that's also being worked on currently is AI with zombies and path finding. Progress seems to be going quite well. Zombies are going around solids correctly and stopping at their targets. Optimization needs to be worked out further down the line, however.

There are currently two types of zombies being worked on at the moment: Normal and Spit-Fire. Normal zombies (in green) walk towards you and melee when they're close, while Spit-Fire zombies (in red) spit projectiles at you from a distance.

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