Local multiplayer is coming together fairly nicely I'd say. The game will support single player, co-op, and multiplayer vs modes with up to 4 players!

One of the biggest hurdles getting this to work was ensuring full 60 FPS gameplay with a ton of objects loaded. There's a reason why large AAA games scale the game down to 30 FPS: You're basically rendering the game up to 4x! That's a TON of GPU usage, considering The Pocalypse will involve somewhat large cities/towns.

Optimization is currently in place and will be utilized throughout development. Hopefully we won't have to cut down on the FPS, fingers crossed!

Players who play in co-op modes and share screens will also need to make sure they stay relatively close to each other as they are limited to the view port when traveling in teams. This also applies to teleporting / using doors to go to another area: players must be on the teleporter instance at the same time, with one of them pressing the action button to advance. As soon as your last team mate dies, the view control goes to you and you are no longer "bound" to the view port.