Our indie game adventure started in early 2012, but 2015 was when our first game on Steam, Trouble In The Manor, sparked a big shift.

As it stands, with the exception of our newly released game Coldfall, we currently have two main games released on Steam: Trouble In The Manor and Take Thy Throne.

Over time, occasionally I'll get emails or DM's regarding the status of these games. I'd like to get everything off the table and be transparent: they've died down significantly, but they are still functional/playable. And yes, they are currently no longer being developed or updated. The player base just could not grow to a decent size, and certain events in my life halted development many times. I personally would love to keep developing them, but the fact of the matter is, without a decent income coming from either of these two games, development needs to move forward with other projects and ideas. This is NOT to say that these games are unplayable!

Were there things that could have been done differently? Absolutely! And over time I've learned greatly from my mistakes in the past regarding game dev choices. For example: They were only online; There were no single player options implemented (aside from a small game mode in Take Thy Throne). If the online portion of the game were to dive down, players should be allowed to still have another option to play the game they bought. Our newest project: The Pocalypse, is taking measures to ensure this is exactly what players are going to get, and we're being careful about it this time around.

Another example stemmed from the fact that neither of these two games used any sort of Matchmaking / Dedicated server functionality. Trouble In The Manor required port forwarding and hosting your own server, while Take Thy Throne was strictly P2P. Going forward for any online functionality we have in our games, we will ensure that Dedicated Servers are the number one priority.

This isn't to say that there weren't things that were out of our control, but a portion of the blame definitely falls on the way these game concepts were initially approached.

Is there still potential for these games to come back to life? The problem with this question is the fact that these games are still playable and fully functional, so technically, they are still alive. You can still connect with your friends and other players online (in Trouble In The Manor, unfortunately we lost some of the latest source code a while ago and we can't point the master server list to the correct IP address anymore, but you can still use the Direct IP function and host your own server).

I'd like to think some day these games will get enough exposure, but if we're being realistic, this may never happen. If it does, rest assure I am absolutely willing to revive them and continue development, if I'm at a sufficient financial standing in my life to do so.

I'd like to point out that I am extremely grateful for the communities these two games had. People seemed to genuinely find them fun, and that honestly means the world to me. After working on a game for almost a year, you've also technically overplayed that game for the same amount of time to the point where you yourself can't tell if the game is even fun to begin with. Knowing these games brought enjoyment to people is the best kind of feeling for a game developer, and that will always be the most important part.

These two games will continue to be on the Steam/itch.io stores, and they will always continue to participate in sale events.

Our next, and biggest project yet, The Pocalypse, is currently in development, and I'm putting everything I possibly can into it to ensure players can enjoy it to the fullest. If it does well, I'm 100% going to be adding online functionality. One idea that's come across my mind is to have a "Trouble In The Manor" online game mode at some point. What do you guys think? No bueno? I feel like the general theme of this game definitely fits an idea like that! What about Battle Royale, hmm?

Please do keep looking for updates on The Pocalypse on either this blog or our twitter feed. I'm hoping for a 2019 stable build release. And also, check out our new short story single player adventure game: Coldfall, we just released it a few days ago! It's a bit of a challenge, proceed with caution! There's also our free Android game Magma Hop, and DLC skins and themes are being produced for that as well!

Thank you to everyone who have played our games in the past, and those who will continue to have faith and play in the future as well! I hope you all can stay on this journey with us. Have an amazing Christmas, everyone!