Charyb Games
Based in Vancouver, BC

Founding date:
June 1, 2014


Press / Business contact:


Take The Throne



We are an independent game studio. We specialise in mainly online games for the Steam platform.


Early history

In early 2014 our indie studio was founded when we released a couple of games on the Google Play and iOS stores: Studge, Blow Away, Pixel Bunny Dash, and more. But our goals were not realised until we started working on a new multiplayer game: Trouble In The Manor.

After that

Unfortunately for us, we have had many roadblocks on our path to become successful indie developers. One of the many roadblocks we encountered was the fact that many artists simply stopped working for us, forcing us to close and stop many projects we had hoped to accomplish. One of those projects was about a ruined kingdom, where you play a knight who must overcome many challenges. Another project was an indie sidescrolling horror game where you play as a man who has just lost his wife in a hospital, only to realize that his wife has disappeared after hearing screams and moans, in which you encounter the hospital has been completely infected with zombies. But we have fought through those obstacles and moved forward!



Trouble In The Manor OFFICIAL Steam Trailer YouTube

Trouble In The Manor Trailer YouTube

Pixel Bunny Dash YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Pixel Bunny Dash chosen in the YoYo Games Tizen Game Drive Contest" - YoYo Games

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Taylor Lino
Founder, Programmer, Developer

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